Hello, my name is Angela McMahan.

Hopefully this blog will be much less pretentious than it sounds.
I love traveling and not just the arrival at a new destination. I love the in-betweens of old and new. 
I love reading of every sort, really. My parents used books as a punishment as a child -- they would take them away from me.
I love television & movies. I'm one of those people that doesn't mind spoilers because I think that if a story is told correctly the journey should marinate the punchline. 
And honestly, who doesn't love food?
These are my favorite mediums in which to be told stories. I consider myself a story collector.
In this space I will write about certain experiences with all of these different mediums. I hope to never have to give critique but if such a time arrives I hope I can give it in such a way that would encourage a dear friend to be better.