Marjie's Grill

Marjie's Grill

Marjie's Grill is a little Southeast Asian BBQ counter-service diner in the Mid-city neighborhood of New Orleans.
I visited this joint yesterday for lunch with a few co-workers. I was late to the party, but that's another review for another time. (Lookin' at you, United Cabs)

The menu wasn't huge but there was a variety. One of my co-workers recommended the catfish if I was hard-pressed to decide. 
It has been surprisingly cold for the past few days and they had a rooster stew special. I felt adventurous and placed my order. It was $12.

I told my friends to order before I got there, so their food came out about 7 minutes before mine did. Everyone's portions were adequate.

When my stew came out, it warmed me up from the inside. It was rooster stew with cornmeal dumplings and fresh herbs. It was spicy but the cornmeal dumplings balanced the flavor really well. While this wasn't a regular menu item, I would go back to try other items.

We were one of two groups there. The servers were friendly and helpful throughout our experience.

Everyone left full and happy.

Check it out if you're feeling adventurous. 

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