The Standard

The Standard

4206 Magazine Street

Tues-Thurs  9:30AM-9PM
Fri  9:30AM-10PM
Sat  10AM-10PM
Sun 10AM-3PM
Closed Monday
*according to their website*

I've become a regular here. I'm pretty sure I've met all the staff and the owner, as well as become cordial with some of the other 5pm regulars. It's a pretty close knit joint as far as I can tell.
I work across the street, so sometimes I go for a bite in between shifts, after a morning shift, or before a late shift.
I always sit at the bar because that's where you meet the most colorful folk. (pro-tip: if you want the most attentive service at any restaurant with a full-service bar, always sit at the bar)

I like to get a vodka cranberry, but once they were out of cranberry juice and they gave me a vodka grapefruit which was really good. 
My favorite thing on the dinner menu so far is the fried chicken with mash potatoes and a biscuit. It is a fair portion for the price and you will definitely be full by the end of the meal.

I just discovered their taco tuesday where they have $2-$5 tacos from 5pm-9pm. They also have a $7 margarita special.
I had the tilapia and the pork taco. This might just become part of my Tuesday ritual because man they were good. I expected some rink-a-dink taco truck portions, but it was full sized tacos really flavorful. I'm almost a little scared to be sharing this because the vibe is so chill there every time I go, which I really enjoy after a long shift. But also, it would be a crime to keep this secret. 

Side-note: the owner also has a Mexican restaurant in Atlanta called "Across the Street", which explains why the tacos are so good.

I haven't been in for brunch but according to the staff, that's when they are busiest, so it must be happenin' - as the kids would say.

They have a back patio, and wifi.

Before you make the trek here, I would check their facebook because sometimes they close at times not listed above.

You'll find me at taco-tuesday from here on out. 

What's your favorite spot to chill out after a long day? Let me know in the comments.


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