Saturday June 4, 2016

Every couple of months Angela says to herself,

"Self, what strange art project is Shia Labeouf up to lately?"


So Angela surfed the internets for answers.
He was doing this "crazy" road trip. He would live-tweet his coordinates and anyone can come pick himself and two of his collaborators (Luke & Nastja) up and bring them anywhere you want to take them. They also engaged with a virtual map that tracked their location around the country for the duration of the project. 

And Angela said "Self, that's how to be meta."

Angela kept up to date with their map from that point.
Friday Angela realized they were on their way to New Orleans. And then they were in New Orleans.
At that point, Angela put @thecampaignbook's tweet notifications
on just in case I got the chance to give them a ride anywhere.
(Angela had taken the weekend off of work (CC's Coffee - Barista) about a month prior, in order to do something wild, by the way.) 
Saturday comes and Angela still has no wild plans. So naturally, Angela headed to Yogurtland for some horchata flavored froyo. Dufossat Street is torn to pieces. So Angela parked close to the library by her house. There was really no point in driving. Angela finished her yogurt and wondered what to do next. AND THE COORDINATES WERE TWEETED AND HE WAS 13 MINUTES AWAY. 
So Angela ran ran ran ran to the party van. It was a sight. (Angela cannot run in a straight line and people have been known to find it very humorous to watch) As soon as Angela was buckled, (safety first!) she was driving as well as trying to clean the van. (maybe not so safe)

As Angela was cleaning and driving, she was lamenting wearing the shirt she  was wearing and not putting on any socks. But she was going as fast she could. She gets to the place of the coordinates. It's this old art studio. It was locked and no one is there.
Angela has been thinking this whole time, "OMYGOSH IM GOING TO MEET LOUIS STEVENS."
Others started to show up right after Angela makes the third trip around the block.
She went into all the buildings in the parameter, not giving up all hope yet. (One of the buildings included a new rock climbing gym which would have been a plus to a bad day, because NOLA currently has none. But alas none of the climbers had seen him.)
Angela made her way back to the growing horde of people looking for him and they were looking downtrodden because alas it looks as though someone snagged him. It is confirmed by someone via Twitter.

One girl (Rachel) had followed all the artists all the way from Colorado. One guy (Seth) had followed all the way from south Texas. Rachel heads down the road after them soon after it is confirmed that they have been snagged. A girl shows up in an uber after most of the horde has dissapated. (Angelina)
Everyone has gone with the exception of Angela, Angelina (uber girl), Chris (he was one of the first people to show up after Angela), and Seth (South Texas).

Somehow the last four hanging around the studio ended up at Angelina's apartment down the road with the intention of watching the map and swimming in her pool. (The map was lagging at this point) 
They were in the stairwell of the apartment when the map updates. The four run to their vehicles without much thought. (Angela/Chris in the party van & Seth/Angelina in his truck.) 
The four got to the artists' last known location outside of New Orleans and were trailing by like 30 minutes. The carravan followed through Mississippi and then gets separated right before arriving into Alabama. (Gas, potty break, map mishaps.)
Angela had only the clothes on her back and her purse. Angelina is still in her work clothes and thats all she has and Chris doesn't have anything either.
But the group stayed in touch on the road. The four were still trailing Shia, Luke, and Nastja by 30 or 45 minutes. 
There is heavy traffic and the caravan saw that the artists stop at a Burger King just outside of Alabama. 

So the caravan got to Burger King and THERE HE IS.
The caravan talked to Shia, Luke, and Nastja for a few minutes until everyone and their mother showed up too. The artists were so gracious in handling every person who came to see them. (Rachel who followed from Colorado is there too or shows up just behind the caravan.)
So, we ask their taker(s) if we can tag along. (The takers were two guys and the crew was headed to Destin, Florida.)

The two of them said, "Sure, I guess" and Seth asks Shia and he said, "There ain't no f-ing rules, you can do whatever you want."
So the caravan squad said, "Why not? What else are we going to do?"
The party van is pretty old and can't go over 75 without rattling, so Angela leaves the van at Burger King and Chris and Angela jump into Seth's truck. 

So the four of them are headed to Destin, Florida and it was just starting to sink in to Angela that she has traversed more states with people she just met 3 hours ago than with some of her best friends.
Angela shrugged her shoulders and thought to herself "Meh, the world is a dodgy place, no matter who you're with. Self, it's too late for cold feet."

The four go to their place and the new squad all get a room together. 
They go to Target and get essentials like toothpaste, ponytails, and soda. 
The squad then went to see a Blues Cover band at a pub walking distance from their motel. Angela has a red bull and performs some of her old tap dancing routines from her younger years. Then they find themeselves (after very much walking and getting lost) at McDonald's for dinner.

The squad sticks around the artists' last known location and plan to get up early the next morning to pick them up when Shia posts the coordinates on Twitter. 
This is how Angela justified how creepy this sounds: if you don't want people to find you, don't give the world your exact coordinates with a virtual map that leads directly to you.