Preparing For Colorado

Preparing For Colorado

There were some bumps in the road on the way to Colorado. 

First, my cell phone became obsolete, a brick if you will. I went about a month without a phone in anticipation of buying a new one. I spent 3/4ths of a paycheck on a new one and a life-proof case for when I drop it on the pavement, in the toilet, or throw it across the room in a fit of clumsiness.

Next, I lost my wallet with my debit card, state id, and a mostly unspent $50 amazon gift card. (Along with some leftover hush puppies)

Also, I bought my train tickets (amtrak) for the wrong dates. By the time I realized my error, my fate was sealed. I had to buy new tickets.

All this took place within the month prior to my trip. So it was a very expensive, frustrating month.

When I started to make arrangements for Colorado, I planned on not taking any flights because I kind of wanted it to be just like my summer previous.
I wanted to ride share/ take the train the whole way. It's more romantic that way. You meet more people, you solidify bonds with friends that you already have. And also, airports are just hella stressful. I've been trying to cut anxiety out of my life.

I took care of everything that I lost/broke/mismanaged. I got in touch with my friend Seth that was driving to Colorado from Texas. I planned to spend a day or so with him until he was set to leave. 
I bought a travel backpack, 45L, enough to fit two weeks of clothes or more. I got some packing cubes as well which helped me pack a lot. Using a backpack like that helped me to keep from overpacking. I was only going to bring my big pack and one carryon. I had learned in my trip the previous year that carrying a bunch of bags around was not practical if you didn't know the spot you would be able to set them down in. 
The pack I got was fine. It was durable and not uncomfortable to carry. It was sort of an impulse buy for the reason of being able to purchase it with apple pay. (at the time i was waiting for my physical debit card to come in) If my dream of extended travel comes true, I will probably buy a more versatile pack, one that is 45 liters, but that also has a detachable carry-on option. Also on the wish-list is a camera bag with the capacity to hold all my traveling electronics.

I knew while I was in San Antonio I wanted to visit this diner that sold 3lb cinnamon rolls and was open for 24 hours.

I was playing it by ear as far as return date was concerned. We were all going to be there to see the film that was made during last summer, but we would be arriving and leaving at different times. I knew some would be going through new orleans on their way back, but it was unclear if they had room in their vehicle, when they planned to leave, and at one point if they were coming at all. 
I also didn't book a hotel room as it was unclear where everyone was staying. Plus, as I didn't have a vehicle with me, I had to stay with someone who did or within the realm of public transportation. It turned out that Seth hadn't booked anything either, it just worked out that we were buddies the entire trip.

If I could go back, I probably would have worked harder on planning where I was going to sleep each night. I also would have gotten more camera batteries because apparently mine are fried. They die within minutes of being off a charger. I will never again choose the wrong dates when booking my transport. That was so disheartening.

When I plan, I try to keep things loose. Mostly I have a unrelenting sense that everything will work out and it always does.

What are your travel planning tips and tricks? Let me know in the comments. Be well!