Theatres at Canal Place

Theatres at Canal Place

I take myself on a movie date at least once a week.
Lately movie night has been Tuesday because of a well kept secret: $8 Tuesdays at the Theatres at Canal Place. This deal applies to all movies, all day. 
I live in Uptown, so this theatre is very easy to get to via public transportation. I can get a transfer pass and use the streetcar lines for $2 all the way there. (the trip is roughly 30 minutes from St. Charles & Soniat)
If I am seeing a super late showing, I take a cab or sometimes I bravely take the streetcar back home. (sorry mom)

Hands down, Theatres at Canal Place has the best seating in the city. I haven't checked out every viewing room, but I do know that in room 8, there are reclining chairs in the back. You pick your seat when you purchase your ticket. This is great because you always know if you'll be able to sit with your party.
You can also order dinner and drinks (alcoholic & otherwise) from your seat. This is a nice touch, especially for a date. And for the purpose of this blog, I have tried a few things on separate occasions. 
My favorite thing on the menu is probably the truffle butter popcorn. Honestly, you can't put truffle butter on something and it taste bad. This runs at $7. The regular popcorn is like $6.50. This is pretty comparative to what you would get at a regular movie theatre.
I have also tried the roasted pork panini ($13). The sandwich was good and filling. It came with a salad, which was fine.
The last menu item I have tried were the burger sliders ($13). I think the buns were made of french bread, that's what it tasted like anyway. I thought it was sort of odd, but not disgusting. I did not like the salad that came with it, the dressing was really overwhelming. 
They offer a prefix of the menu, which is pretty neat. You get three courses for two, for like $35. I haven't tried it because it's a lot of food for one person. But it's probably the date way to go if you're going to do dinner there.
The service has always been really good and friendly. (Be aware, that anytime you order off the menu, they automatically charge you around 17% gratuity. I think that's fair, since it is dinner service. I usually round it up to 20% if I get anything more than popcorn.)
Side-note: It isn't super duper important, just something I thought was odd for a restaurant-like environment is that they wrap their silverware in paper napkins. I'm sure this is a way to save on linen waste/laundry fees. However, if I'm going to spend about $30-$40 on dinner, most places give you a linen. It's just classier. Not super important, but I thought worth mentioning.
A few of my friends and I tried some of the movie theme related cocktails and they were good. I had the Voldemort (something or other), it's not on the menu anymore, but it should be. It was a hard rootbeer (Not Your Father's Rootbeer) float. It was $12, but it was life-changing. If you go to the bar before you go into the movie, I'm almost positive that they can make it for you.
They also have a bucket of beer (4) for $15 which is honestly the way to go if you are going to drink beer there. 

I will keep trying menu items as I go along and try to remember to add them here if they are life-changing/life-ruining. 
So far, I would say I'm underwhelmed by the execution of a great idea. I think the menu could use some work, but over-all the experience is good. 
If you ever have the hankering to see a movie on a Tuesday night, you'll probably catch me there.

Where is your favorite place to see a movie? Tell me in the comments.