Hey! Café

Hey! Café

4332 Magazine St

Sunday-Thursday 7am-9pm
Friday-Saturday 7am-8pm

This is a coffee shop on my route to work. I don't know all the staff but I haven't had a bad experience with anyone yet. I'd say I'm a semi-regular.
The atmosphere is very eclectic, which I see as a plus.
They do their own roasting, which is commendable & their coffee is very good.

They don't have a huge menu but I've tried some of their pastries and their vegan options taste good from a non-vegan/vegetarian perspective. 
My drink during the hotter season is an iced-chai with a pump of chocolate and a single/double espresso. They have good iced chai. It doesn't taste like a store bought concentrate, but it's hard to say since I add a bunch of stuff (chocolate & espresso)
Update: They make it themselves and I tried it plain and it was good, not too sweet on it's own.

Their cold brew coffee is probably my favorite thing to get here. Strong flavor and high caffeine content. 

They have a patio and strong wifi. I like to work on different writing projects and this site before I go into work. You can find me here at least 5 afternoons a week.

What is your favorite coffee shop? Let me know in the comments.